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About Us 

About Us


The Region: HR Consulting Firm is a minority-owned and operated full-service HR (Human Resource) company comprised of highly-experienced, scholarly, and nationally certified HR women professionals.

We partner with organizations in Alabama to bridge the gap within the employee life cycle by providing support in 6 foundational areas: strategy and foundation, recruitment, onboarding, development & training, retainment, and evolution.  Our firm is comprised of Women HR professionals who have 20 + years of experience combined and education in various industries from retail, manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, food & beverage, etc. We provide organizations with the necessary tools to maintain a healthy working environment for both their organization and their employees.


Better management creates and cultivates healthier and more productive working environments. This promotes a balance between employees to become more efficient within your organization.


Happy employees lead to loyal employees. Our firm would like to assist you with creating the working environment you desire with ease. A good HR consultant can have a massive impact on any business's employment and management infrastructure.

Our CEO 


Meet the Founder and CEO-Brittney Wingate

Brittney Wingate, an experienced HR advocate, and change agent established The Region: HR Consulting firm after years of laboring with helping employees and managers but always feeling like more could be done.  After dealing with the constant hurdle of politics within an organization with the mindset “because we have always done it this way”. Brittney always knew working for one sole organization would not be her end story. Always being a leader in every position she held, she was born with the mere knack to relate to people on a very intriguing level that brought a sense of understanding, respect, unity, and trust.

Brittney holds a few titles, such as wife, daughter, sister, aunt, Christian, and author, but she truly loves the title change agent. Being okay with standing out and speaking up to create a difference is what she believes is her divine purpose. 


After obtaining her Master of Human Resource Management from Troy University and her Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) certification, she led HR  management in several positions, including On-Premise Manager for a Fortune 500 Recruiting & Staffing Company, Team Relations Specialist for a Top Tier 1 Automotive company, and the first African American HR Manager for a Food & Beverage Company since 1906.


Serving in her community as a Montgomery Sunrise Rotarian, Junior Board Executive Member of Child Protect (Children Advocacy Center), Executive Board Member of the J. Walters Rites of Passage Youth Detention Center, and Executive Board Member of Tau Rho Mu Christion Sorority and Beta Alpha Gamma Christian Fraternity, Brittney knew there was an opportunity in her city to help small business owners navigate through what can feel like the nuisances of HR. By training organizations on the importance of commitment to compliance, she can help businesses evolve from a good organization to a great organization. Invest proactively in development to prevent reactively making concessions when a situation occurs is what this firm believes in.

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